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Consider It Brung's Journal
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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
3:53 pm
Dan Vs Monk 01/12/2013 CSM vs Marines
Disciples of Malal - CSM & Daemon Allies
Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Steed, Brand, Lightning Claw, Sigil
10x CSM, MG, AC, Maul, Melta Bombs, Mark of Slaanesh, Rhino, Havok Launcher
10x CSM, MG, AC, Maul, Melta Bombs, Mark of Slaanesh, Rhino, Havok Launcher
3x Bikes, Mark of Slaanesh
Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, Greater Reward
11x Daemonettes

The Alphaish Legion - Raven Guard & Bangle Allies
Chapter master, Bike, Relicblade, Flashy Shield
5x bikes, fisty sarge
9x Ass marines, fisty sarge
9x Ass marines, fisty sarge
Chaplain, terminator armour
5x Death Company, shed-load of power weapons
Blender Dread
Storm Raven

Mission = The Scouring/Vanguard strike

Monk chose the deployment zone & we chucked out the objectives...
 photo A-BoardSetUp_zps1c317a4b.jpg

I won the option to deploy/go first & that's what I elected to do. I went for a broad deployment with the troops in the middle to go either way once the objectives were displayed. Lesser & Greater Daemons in reserve. Monk sets up to come pling into my grill with the raven guard & the Bangles were off table in their boat.
 photo B-Deployment_zps4e6ec377.jpg

All the high point objectives off to the centre/left. Looks like that's where the action would be. No initiative stolen so.....

Dan Turn 1 - Lord + Bikes shoot out left, both CSM squads deploy forward to shoot up the bike/assault squads after they are lit up by the rhino's search lights everything else unloads into them too. Both squads take break checks, the assault squad having lost the sarg to a failed look out sir bottles off the table.
 photo C-DanTurn1_zpse6177e43.jpg

Monk Turn 1 - On the back foot a bit now having lost a 200pt unit, Monk plays it cautious & heads out left for my lord & bikes.
 photo D-MonkTurn1_zpsa7b90b7b.jpg

Dan Turn 2 - Both the greater Daemon & Daemonettes turn up, my lord & bikes make a b-line for monk's Lord & bikes. A most glorious challenge starts between both army commanders.
 photo E-DanTurn2_zps941c8053.jpg

Monk Turn 2 - No stormraven. So monk is still playing with a 600pt army vs my 1500pts. the assault marines pile into the combat but it doesn't save the remaining SM bikers. Challenge is still ongoing with neither party proving their worth.
 photo F-MonkTurn2_zpsf2ddf6fb.jpg

Dan Turn 3 - "All" of monkey army is in combst. Stuff shuffles around. Unit of CSM jump in their ride & start making a move for the left hand 3pt objective. Skarr Too-tone piles into the melee to slaughter some assault marines. In the challenge the Space marine chapter master finally gets his shit together & batters the Chaos lord for 2 wounds!
 photo F-MonkTurn2_zpsf2ddf6fb.jpg

Monk Turn 3 - The Brick arrives! & promptly makes itself felt by blatting both the Vindicator & the retreating rhino! Ouch! The big melee continues, however the greater daemon sees his minion losing the challenge & heroically intervenes!
 photo H-MonkTurn3_zps8418bb10.jpg

Dan Turn 4 - Some stuff shuffles about, I pop a hull point off of the Brick, Both my bikes & the Assault marines are finished off. The chapter master really is a pig to shift!
 photo I-DanTurn4_zps909273c7.jpg

Monk Turn 4 - The Brick drops to floor level & assault units explode all over the board like something from a Japanese Hentacle movie! The blender goes into the hounds (innefectually!) The Chaplain & chaos lord grapple innefectually & the death company kill a unit of CSM to a man. Balls I wanted that 4pt objective!
 photo J-MonkTurn4_zps9a408dd1.jpg

Dan Turn 5 - Everything that can shoot the death company does so, the CSM advance on the 4pt objective & the last DC marine dies to a Soulgrinder charge. In the improbably long melee which now consists of nothing but heroes, the chaplain beats the chaos lord to death with a big book & the daemon finishes off the Chapter Master. The blender kills a single daemonette (forgot the batteries!)
 photo K-DanTurn5_zps9e2bae7c.jpg

Monk Turn 5 - The Brick scoots round shooting both the chaos marines & the rhino (going for a big bang), the blender kills 2 daemonettes & the Greater Daemon bangs the chaplain into the ground like a nail, SPLUTCH!
 photo K-DanTurn5_zps9e2bae7c.jpg

Roll for next turn! There is one!

Dan Turn 6 - Everything that can, shoots at the Brick, which jinks out of the way something chronic! The greater daemon piles into the Dread & knocks off a hull point, while the dread finds the go button & stitches up 4 hounds, who promptly fuck off back to the warp.
 photo M-DanTurn6_zpsa1fb1a08.jpg

Monk Turn 6 - Brick skitters about & shoots up the CSM & kills a rhino (but by hull points not a big bang) Dread vs daemon is inconclusive.
 photo N-MonkTurn6_zps2a2610fb.jpg

Dan Turn 7 - Dread dies, Brick is invunerable to shooting again!
 photo O-DanTurn7_zps17d5e240.jpg

Monk Turn 7 - Brick shoots the CSM on the 4 point objective but they refuse to go away.
 photo O-DanTurn7_zps17d5e240.jpg

Game over! 7-1 in the end & a bloody hard fought game indeed. We only realised Monk's army was illegal on about turn 4! I think though the brick was brutal when it arrived it's probably too many eggs in one basket.

Really enjoyable game with one of the most drawn-out & bloody fights I've seen in a while!
Friday, November 22nd, 2013
5:18 pm
Dan vs Toby 1500pts Adeptus Sororitas vs Wolf Guard
Okay a quick round-up of the highs (& lows) of the game yesterday.

Cannoness, flashy sword
9x Sisters, Melta, H Flamer, Vet, Power Sword, Priest, Power Club, Rhino
9x Sisters, Melta, H Flamer, Vet, Power Sword, Priest, Power Club, Rhino
17x sisters, Vet, Power Sword, Multi-melta, Priest
8x Seraphim, 2x2 Hand Flamers, Vet, Power sword
5x Dominions, 3x Melta, Rhino
8x Dominions, 5x Storm-Bolters

Krieghund Lord-Hussar (Thunder Wolf lord, LC & PF)
2x Krieghund Hussar (thunderwolf Cav, 1xTH & 1x SS)
15 Krieghund (Fenrisian Wolves)
8x Grey hunters, 2x PF, Flag, Wolfun
8x Grey hunters, 2x PF, Flag, Wolfun

Unsanctioned Psyker
Platoon Cmd Sqd
3x Inf Squads

Vanguard strike - Big guns
 photo A-Setup_zps440c9d6e.jpg
I win deployment choice, counters go out, I get to deploy first & It's daylight. Ace!

Notes on deployment, Cannoness in the building with the Foot SOB unit (forgot she couldn't fit in the rhino when the priest was there!)
Thunder Lord in the hounds, Runepriest in the blob squad, Psyker in the top most Grey hunter unit.

Everything is set up so my Dominions at the front scout towards T's thunderlord & hounds hoping to do some damage to the unit while drawing them out, T declares he'll be stealing the Initiative. T steals the Initiative =o/
 photo B-Deployment_zps55f998fd.jpg

Toby turn 1 -
Runepriest gives the wolves a 4+ inv save, Thunder lord + wolves go for the dominions & butcher them leavign the Veteran sister to flee for her life, Basalisk shoots the 2 exorcists which were planning on shooting it 1st turn! one stunned one inv passed, Everything else advances.
 photo C-Turn1T_zpsb5fa1910.jpg

Dan turn 1 -
At this point it's not looking good. They seem to be all over me like a bad rash & I'm thinking I'll be home in a hour or so. That said, fight to the bitter bloody end, So I advance on the top ruin & Concentrate fire on the lord & wolves, I manage to kill all the wolves & put a wound on the boss giving up first blood in the process. One Thunder Wolf goes down to an exorcist.
 photo D-Turn1D_zps401466eb.jpg

Toby Turn 2 -
Lord ploughs into a unit of sisters taking another wound from overwatch. Vendetta knocks the gun off of one exorcist & the other is wrecked by the remaining thunderwolf. The Sister unit in the building take a pasting from the slow moving blob squad after they are cursed to re-roll their successful armour saves. The seraphim take a bit of a kicking from the Grey hunters in the top building.
 photo E-Turn2T_zps37f34a74.jpg

Dan turn 2 -
Exorcist with no gun Tank-shocks the unit of grey hunters who leg it!!! The seraphim, second sister unit & reserve outflaking Dominions lay all the smack into the Grey Hunters in the top building. The seraphim get stuck into CC & actually draw the combat as their superior cuts down the multi-wound rogue psyker in a challenge.
Wolf lord continues to carve his way through the sister unit.
 photo F-Turn2D_zps41707694.jpg

Toby turn 3 -
Blob squad must have started in-fighting as they move & run a total of 4". Grey hunters run back towards my lines, getting close enough to the Exorcist that when it explodes with a thunderwolf THammer in it one of them dies. Grey hunters duelling the seraphim have had enough of them & kill them off. They jump behind a wall. Vendetta shoot the sisters in the building. I unfortunately pass my breakcheck after the wolf lord kills the priest (balls!)
 photo G-Turn3T_zps69c8e8dc.jpg

Dan turn 3 -
Pretty inactive turn for me. Sisters at the top of the board move under the roof of the bulding (cannot see the two remaining Grey hunters to shoot them). Dominions shuffle forward, Rhino's shuffle about a bit & take a pot-shot at the guard blob, Sisters shoot at the guard blob squad, Wolf lord finally klills off the sisters & lunges up towards the hotly contested top objective.
 photo H-Turn3D_zps0b6a5b86.jpg

Toby Turn 4 -
Blob squad are still figthing, only going 2" this turn. Thnder wolf & grey hunters line up on the unit in the building with the cannonness in it. T-wolf bites the bullet but the grey hunter make it in a ruck ensues. Vendetta lines up on the dominions killing 1 the remaining 3 are polished off by the basalisk. Wolf lord lines up on the top sister unit but the heavy flamer removes his last wound as he initiates the charge.
 photo I-Turn4T_zps70751fe8.jpg

Dan Turn 4 -
Not much from me in range this turn. A few storm bolte shots at the blob squad, cannoness & co are doing well in the combat though the grey hunter hold.
 photo J-Turn4D_zps14689ea1.jpg

Toby turn 5 -
Vendetta skooshes sideways, pooping out the command squad onto an objective, Sisters take some flack from the vendetta & the Canonness finishes off the grey hunters.
 photo K-Turn5T_zps682a555b.jpg

Dan Turn 5 -
Sisters in the lower objective building shoot at the blob squad, Rhino's double tank-shock the command squad who leg it.
 photo L-Turn5D_zps72306210.jpg

Roll for turn 6 comes up a NO.

Totalling up I have 2 objectives, Warlord & First blood.
Toby would have had 7 if the command squad had held so it was a very comfortable win. For about 5 seconds till we realise that it was Big Guns & I'd lost 2 exorcists Giving T 9 if the command squad had not broken! Eeep! A skin of my teeth win 8-6 in the end! Bloody good game.
Thursday, March 18th, 2010
12:20 pm
Must resist bad punning.....
Might have to do a spaceshark/wolfwing list for vanquish, just so as I can have lone sharks....... *cringes*

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
12:38 pm
Can't do SVA; my computer needed replacing in November, and it's finally playing up enough that I can barely use it. I need to get a new PSU at least, and see if that'll do the job, or if I need a complete new m'bo, cpu and ram as well.
Thus, I can't afford the army for SVA.

Starting to wonder if there's any point in even trying to play 40k anymore. I haven't played in about 3 years.

Rob should be ok for SVA, as long as he can get the time off work.

Current Mood: frustrated
Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
3:06 pm
SVA X is Spiky Club's Warhammer 40,000 campaign weekend. It will be running this year on the 24th & 25th April, and will cost 25 pounds (including lunch both days) at the Spiky Club in Reading.

The campaign weekend is designed as a break from the usual tournaments, with a narrative, and some slightly different games, list constraints, as well as an opportunity to play as part of a team.

If you've come before, it's more of the same, and if you haven't, it's a chance to see a slightly lighter event!

More details, as well as the full rules pack can be found here
Monday, February 8th, 2010
7:19 pm
Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
5:16 pm
The brain it functions!!!!!
Think I have just come up with a potential GT winning list.

Need to consult with Dave next week. But other than against Stu's Dark Eldar (who'll lose both KP missions at the final anyway) its pretty goddamned stink-hard!

Not seen before either. Hmmmmmm thinky thinky thinky am I that chumptastic?

Yes =o)

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
12:36 pm
GT winning list?
Hi chaps long time no talkee

So a chap called mike aka merlin online took one of the heats & the doubles just gone (divvied up the list between 2 even 750pt segments with his partner) with this list:
Ghazghull Thrakka
Big Mek, Kustom Forcefield
5 Mega Nobz, 3 kombi scorchas
Battlewagon transport, red paint, rokkit and ram
12 Boyz, rokkit, Nob with Klaw and pole
Trukk, red paint and ram
12 Boyz, rokkit, Nob with Klaw and pole
Trukk, red paint and ram
18 Boyz, rokkit, Nob with Klaw and pole
18 Boyz, rokkit, Nob with Klaw and pole
Battlewagon, red paint, big shoota and ram
Battlewagon, red paint, big shoota and ram

Very much what Dave & me were discussing. Battlewagon/Kos mix.

So how to improve the list?
Or how to beat it?

Current Mood: contemplative
Tuesday, January 5th, 2010
8:16 pm
Postponing Campaign Day
Due to the weather i've decided to postone the campaign day.

The forecast isn't showing much improvement so it might be difficult or impossible. Also the venue is not exactly the most well-insulated place in the world, meaning it will potentially be very cold. I don't want to push figures around in gloves!

I'll come up with a new date for later in the year.

Sorry, but I figures I should make this call earlier rather than later.

Monday, December 14th, 2009
10:01 pm
Norwich event (again)
Just about to start flogging my tickets for this, so just to confirm interest


Anyone else?

I take it you want to be on the fun side and not the PDF...
Friday, December 11th, 2009
11:10 am
When's the Norwich event?

I know January, but I forget the exact date...
Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
10:20 pm
The glorious fleet of Spain is ready for war!

I speed-painted my Trafalgar fleet this afternoon, although it would probably be more accurate to say I waited for washes to dry most of this afternoon. Anyway, I think its turned out okay. The whole fleet only cost 13.50, so I wasn't planning on putting any real effort into them.

The models are by Navwar, and are 2.50 each, no matter what size. The fleet pack came with 1 1st rate (100 gunner), 3 3rd rates (3 74 gunners) and 2 frigates a 34 and a 44. In Trafalgar terms thats about 1100 points before upgrades, with the game standard floating around 1500 from what I can gather. The rules tend to individuate ships - for example there is no line formation for ships of the line which doesn't make any sense - and combined with the record keeping I can't see this game operating with more than 10 ships per side, so it looks like this is my fleet done and dusted pretty much. Although I may get another 1st rate. The Spaniards liked big stupid ships that couldn't turn for toffee.

From Picture
8:05 pm
Not the worst army in the world (a list)
HS Medusa 1 135 135
Siege shells 1 5 5

HS Medusa 1 135 135
Siege shells 1 5 5

HS Medusa 1 135 135
Siege shells 1 5 5

FA Vendetta 1 130 130

FA Vendetta 1 130 130

FA Vendetta 1 130 130

TR Veterans 1 70 70
Melta guns 2 10 20

TR Veterans 1 70 70
Melta guns 2 10 20

HQ Command squad 1 50 50
Grenade Launcher 0 5

EL Marbo 1 65 65

TR Platoon Command squad 1 30 30
Grenade Launcher 0 5

Infantry Squad 5 50 250
Grenade Launcher 5 5 25

Infantry Squad 0 50
Grenade Launcher 0 5

TR Veterans 1 70 70
Melta guns 2 10 20


I know no formatting

I know only waaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
8:41 pm
So Dr Stu Pendous whats the score here? I can speak funny for a weekend.
Friday, November 20th, 2009
11:46 am
Warfare Army List!
The Last March of the Demons

300 - Mighty A-A-Angor, Slayer of gods, Demon King (counts as Skarbrand)

100 - The Fire Demon (counts as The Masque)

160 - Sanity Claws with Dasher and Rudolf (Counts as Skulltaker on chariot)

105 - 3 enslaved Flamers

105 -3 enslaved Flamers

35 - Sanity Claws' pet spawn (counts as Beast of Nurgle)

120 - 8 Independent Demons (count as Plaguebearers)

120 - 8 Independent Demons (count as Plaguebearers)

105 - 7 Independent Demons (count as Plaguebearers)

39 - packs of Demonic Imps (count as Nurglings)

185 - Golgoth, Lord of Balrogs (counts as Demon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Instrument of Chaos)

185 - The Nameless Balrog (Demon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Instrument of Chaos)

185 - Saator, Demon Lord of Evil (Demon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Iron Hide, Breath of Chaos, Noxious Touch, Instrument of Chaos)
Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
5:40 pm
I'm thinking of pulling out of warfare.
I'm still not healed from the surgery, and having a lot of pain because of that, and worse still, they found they couldn't fix what was wrong in the surgery, so I'm having a lot of problems.
I'm stuck on just pain relief until I see the consultant, which isn't til the 30th, and the pain relief isn't working too well, and it's morphine, so I'm kind of out of it / asleep a lot anyway.

I was really looking forward to this too; I've not played in probably a couple of years now, and I really wanted to get back into it, and to see everyone.

But I think I need to be sensible. Even playing games round Dave's in the evening is causing me a lot of pain, so I think a full weekend event just might be too much for me.

Maybe if we all go to the George on the saturday or sunday evening or something, so I can at least meet up with people and say hiya.
Not definite yet, and I really don't want to pull out, but I think it's looking that way. Unfortunately because of various medical things, I'm just getting worse until they sort treatment out. And I can feel the difference each day, so by this weekend I might just be laid up in bed most of the day.

Current Mood: frustrated
Monday, November 16th, 2009
8:14 pm

Should I have received some kind of ticket for Warfare?

And do you need army lists in advance?
Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
5:07 pm
1750 DW for Warfare
Belial - 130
Libby, TA - 145
DW, CML, Apoth, CF - 270
DW, AC, CF - 250
DW, AC, CF - 250
DW, CML, CF - 240
DW, CML, CF - 240
DW, HF, CF, 4xLC - 225

Toto - 1750

Current Mood: contemplative
Friday, November 6th, 2009
11:39 am
Dave, is there still a ticket for Warfare? One of our lads wants to come and was under the impression from some conversation in bugmans that a ticket was available....
Sunday, October 25th, 2009
12:57 pm
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