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SVA X is Spiky Club's Warhammer 40,000 campaign weekend. It will be running this year on the 24th & 25th April, and will cost 25 pounds (including lunch both days) at the Spiky Club in Reading.

The campaign weekend is designed as a break from the usual tournaments, with a narrative, and some slightly different games, list constraints, as well as an opportunity to play as part of a team.

If you've come before, it's more of the same, and if you haven't, it's a chance to see a slightly lighter event!

More details, as well as the full rules pack can be found here
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Awesome... crashing space for 2 or 3 travellers from the fens?
Yeah, I'm sure we can sort that out - as long as you're okay with my opulent surroundings :)
Unfortunately enticing as the lap of luxe is, I appear to have hit a transportation hiccup (as I ain't got none for that weekend) :(
That sucks - anyway you can do it on public transport?

Also - don't suppose you've booked the hylands for the GT final?