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The glorious fleet of Spain is ready for war!

I speed-painted my Trafalgar fleet this afternoon, although it would probably be more accurate to say I waited for washes to dry most of this afternoon. Anyway, I think its turned out okay. The whole fleet only cost 13.50, so I wasn't planning on putting any real effort into them.

The models are by Navwar, and are 2.50 each, no matter what size. The fleet pack came with 1 1st rate (100 gunner), 3 3rd rates (3 74 gunners) and 2 frigates a 34 and a 44. In Trafalgar terms thats about 1100 points before upgrades, with the game standard floating around 1500 from what I can gather. The rules tend to individuate ships - for example there is no line formation for ships of the line which doesn't make any sense - and combined with the record keeping I can't see this game operating with more than 10 ships per side, so it looks like this is my fleet done and dusted pretty much. Although I may get another 1st rate. The Spaniards liked big stupid ships that couldn't turn for toffee.

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