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Dan Vs Monk 01/12/2013 CSM vs Marines

Disciples of Malal - CSM & Daemon Allies
Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Steed, Brand, Lightning Claw, Sigil
10x CSM, MG, AC, Maul, Melta Bombs, Mark of Slaanesh, Rhino, Havok Launcher
10x CSM, MG, AC, Maul, Melta Bombs, Mark of Slaanesh, Rhino, Havok Launcher
3x Bikes, Mark of Slaanesh
Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, Greater Reward
11x Daemonettes

The Alphaish Legion - Raven Guard & Bangle Allies
Chapter master, Bike, Relicblade, Flashy Shield
5x bikes, fisty sarge
9x Ass marines, fisty sarge
9x Ass marines, fisty sarge
Chaplain, terminator armour
5x Death Company, shed-load of power weapons
Blender Dread
Storm Raven

Mission = The Scouring/Vanguard strike

Monk chose the deployment zone & we chucked out the objectives...
 photo A-BoardSetUp_zps1c317a4b.jpg

I won the option to deploy/go first & that's what I elected to do. I went for a broad deployment with the troops in the middle to go either way once the objectives were displayed. Lesser & Greater Daemons in reserve. Monk sets up to come pling into my grill with the raven guard & the Bangles were off table in their boat.
 photo B-Deployment_zps4e6ec377.jpg

All the high point objectives off to the centre/left. Looks like that's where the action would be. No initiative stolen so.....

Dan Turn 1 - Lord + Bikes shoot out left, both CSM squads deploy forward to shoot up the bike/assault squads after they are lit up by the rhino's search lights everything else unloads into them too. Both squads take break checks, the assault squad having lost the sarg to a failed look out sir bottles off the table.
 photo C-DanTurn1_zpse6177e43.jpg

Monk Turn 1 - On the back foot a bit now having lost a 200pt unit, Monk plays it cautious & heads out left for my lord & bikes.
 photo D-MonkTurn1_zpsa7b90b7b.jpg

Dan Turn 2 - Both the greater Daemon & Daemonettes turn up, my lord & bikes make a b-line for monk's Lord & bikes. A most glorious challenge starts between both army commanders.
 photo E-DanTurn2_zps941c8053.jpg

Monk Turn 2 - No stormraven. So monk is still playing with a 600pt army vs my 1500pts. the assault marines pile into the combat but it doesn't save the remaining SM bikers. Challenge is still ongoing with neither party proving their worth.
 photo F-MonkTurn2_zpsf2ddf6fb.jpg

Dan Turn 3 - "All" of monkey army is in combst. Stuff shuffles around. Unit of CSM jump in their ride & start making a move for the left hand 3pt objective. Skarr Too-tone piles into the melee to slaughter some assault marines. In the challenge the Space marine chapter master finally gets his shit together & batters the Chaos lord for 2 wounds!
 photo F-MonkTurn2_zpsf2ddf6fb.jpg

Monk Turn 3 - The Brick arrives! & promptly makes itself felt by blatting both the Vindicator & the retreating rhino! Ouch! The big melee continues, however the greater daemon sees his minion losing the challenge & heroically intervenes!
 photo H-MonkTurn3_zps8418bb10.jpg

Dan Turn 4 - Some stuff shuffles about, I pop a hull point off of the Brick, Both my bikes & the Assault marines are finished off. The chapter master really is a pig to shift!
 photo I-DanTurn4_zps909273c7.jpg

Monk Turn 4 - The Brick drops to floor level & assault units explode all over the board like something from a Japanese Hentacle movie! The blender goes into the hounds (innefectually!) The Chaplain & chaos lord grapple innefectually & the death company kill a unit of CSM to a man. Balls I wanted that 4pt objective!
 photo J-MonkTurn4_zps9a408dd1.jpg

Dan Turn 5 - Everything that can shoot the death company does so, the CSM advance on the 4pt objective & the last DC marine dies to a Soulgrinder charge. In the improbably long melee which now consists of nothing but heroes, the chaplain beats the chaos lord to death with a big book & the daemon finishes off the Chapter Master. The blender kills a single daemonette (forgot the batteries!)
 photo K-DanTurn5_zps9e2bae7c.jpg

Monk Turn 5 - The Brick scoots round shooting both the chaos marines & the rhino (going for a big bang), the blender kills 2 daemonettes & the Greater Daemon bangs the chaplain into the ground like a nail, SPLUTCH!
 photo K-DanTurn5_zps9e2bae7c.jpg

Roll for next turn! There is one!

Dan Turn 6 - Everything that can, shoots at the Brick, which jinks out of the way something chronic! The greater daemon piles into the Dread & knocks off a hull point, while the dread finds the go button & stitches up 4 hounds, who promptly fuck off back to the warp.
 photo M-DanTurn6_zpsa1fb1a08.jpg

Monk Turn 6 - Brick skitters about & shoots up the CSM & kills a rhino (but by hull points not a big bang) Dread vs daemon is inconclusive.
 photo N-MonkTurn6_zps2a2610fb.jpg

Dan Turn 7 - Dread dies, Brick is invunerable to shooting again!
 photo O-DanTurn7_zps17d5e240.jpg

Monk Turn 7 - Brick shoots the CSM on the 4 point objective but they refuse to go away.
 photo O-DanTurn7_zps17d5e240.jpg

Game over! 7-1 in the end & a bloody hard fought game indeed. We only realised Monk's army was illegal on about turn 4! I think though the brick was brutal when it arrived it's probably too many eggs in one basket.

Really enjoyable game with one of the most drawn-out & bloody fights I've seen in a while!
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